Gateway House, Pinner Road, North Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7TA, UK


Rohini Patel
AWCG Chairperson



I was introduced to the group by my sister Kalpana who was a group member. I was touched by the support given to my sister by the group during her journey so decided to become a volunteer helping with the secretarial duties which I enjoyed very much. It’s now been over seven years and the Group has come a long way since I joined. The foundations have been laid and I look forward in my new role with Committees support enhancing the activities being offered to our Members and to ensure that the ongoing cancer awareness is raised in our Asian Community and the appropriate support is available to our Group Members.

Mina Patel
AWCG Treasurer



I was volunteering at Northwick Park Hospital from 2001 where I helped the “League of Friends” raise funds in aid of the hospital. During my time there I also sat on their committee where I was responsible for the appropriation of funds to the hospital.

Recently, I have joined the Asian women’s cancer group where I have taken up the role of Treasurer. I joined this group as I respected the great work they are doing in the community to support Asian women and felt it was something that I could give my time to. I believe that peace in ourselves come from giving and I hope I can be helpful to this amazing group that is dedicated in this pursuit

Samixa Shah
AWCG Wellbeing Support



I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in May 2012 after 7 months of investigations. At the time I was a practicing pharmacist and had just started working as a Wellbeing Coach at a Health and Wellbeing Centre in London. I had already qualified as a Life Coach in 2009 and completed training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in 2005. I started studying for the Diploma in Wellness Skills which I completed in 2013 while undergoing treatment with Avastin. My role as a Wellbeing Coach was to support people who had long term health conditions set goals towards improving their health and wellbeing so that they could live as fulfilling a life as possible. After undergoing surgery for a metastatic recurrence of ovarian cancer in 2017, I decided to stop practicing as a pharmacist and working as a Wellbeing Coach. I have been a bereavement support volunteer at a local hospice since 2009. I became a volunteer patient representative on the University College Hospital London Cancer Collaborative in 2008. I joined the Asian Women’s Cancer Group in 2015 and became a committee member in 2018. I decided to use my wellbeing coaching skills and some of my pharmacy skills in my volunteer roles and have found this to be very fulfilling. My life changed completely after my diagnosis of cancer and I used a lot of my training as a life and wellbeing coach to help me embrace my new normal and to accept the uncertainty that a cancer diagnosis can bring in one’s life.

Amee Patel
Journal Editor/PR



My journey with AWCG started when my mum was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Seeing the group grow from a few ladies in our living room, to the outreach it has today, I am proud to be a part of the AWCG voluntary team. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for ladies to laugh, cry and share any aspect of their cancer journey.
The ladies consistently remind me of the strength we have within us to be our best selves even through the toughest times. The social media aspect intends to reach out and show ladies in search that we are right here for them – to celebrate the good times, cry together in the tough times or just be present in their cancer journey.